Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ is the fastest growing martial art in the world and the foundation for every MMA fighter’s training. It is also used daily by police and military forces around the world, proving its effectiveness as a means of self-defense in the real world.

Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling is one of the oldest forms of martial arts and it involves taking your opponent down and control him in order to dominate. It has been practiced since antiquity and is still a very effective to this day. It's an enormous asset to have in BJJ.

The trainers

Whatever your age, objective or fitness level, our team of dedicated trainers are here to help you reach your goals !


Monaem Bejaoui

BJJ and Wrestling Head Coach

Seifallah Kaâk

Basics and Kids Classes

Amine Boudhina

Kids and Women Classes

Pricing Plans

Our different pricing plans lets you choose between long-term commitments and short-term objectives

Kids Classes

DT300/ 3 months


DT500/ 6 months
  • Training 2 times per week


DT360/ 3 months


DT600/ 6 months
  • Training 3 times per week

Our Location


Power Academy is the only gym in Tunisia affiliated under Checkmat, under Prof. Jackson Sousa

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